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  All Tall & The Melting Moon by Honey Tongue Devils

All Tall & The Melting Moon cover art

Artist: Honey Tongue Devils
Title: All Tall & The Melting Moon
Catalogue Number: Feedback Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

The Honey Tongue Devils have come up with an album of inspired roots based music.  It is a skillful melding of traditional blues and country, and the influences of Robert Johnson and Hank Williams swirl around just under the surface.  Coupled with this they have then thrown in a bit of 'soft' rock in the fashion of the Allman Brothers and Little Feat to create a sound that is distinctly their own.

It starts strongly with "Down Here", a real solid bluesy rocker with growling vocals that immediately lets you know you won't need to reach for the off button any time soon.  "Days Behind" continues in a similar, if a bit slower, vein; and "Dirty Water Clean" is a superb mid-tempo piece of rock.  "Grey Day" brings the pace right down and has more of a traditional and folk influenced country feel to it along with a great heartfelt vocal performance.  "Sunday Morning Blackout" is a song with a much more heavily influenced hard guitar rocking sound, while "Feelin' Home" returns to the gentler country sound.

This is music with real passion.  It is music to be listened to rather than simply used as background noise.  In short, it is the sort of music you should by buying.
Review Date: August 5 2007