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  Blame Game by Marigold Ingot

Blame Game cover art

Artist: Marigold Ingot
Title: Blame Game
Catalogue Number: Gold Nuggets Music
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2020

Marigold Ingot. Now there’s a name that should be on the billboard outside of a cabaret club. Or on a poster for a big city festival. As finding a cabaret club or a festival is just about impossible these days, Marigold Ingot instead heads out into the wilderness of the Internet with her EP “Blame Game”.

Given the evidence of these four songs, she would indeed do well in cabaret or big city festivals even if the title track could also easily pass for a nugget of modern day Nashville gold. However, upbeat isn’t her only speed on the highway of life and the other three songs instead twist and turn rather more sedately in the murk of the modern day with her stylised vocals making each song cross the barrier between artificial and real. Songs like these undoubtedly works best with an audience yet her words cannot fail to have some sort of resonance for ears destined to be forever trapped in the digital domain.

If I saw Marigold Ingot’s name in lights somewhere, I reckon I’d buy a ticket.

Best song? “Exactly The Same” – an elegant closer.

The verdict? Showtunes with heart.
Review Date: January 11 2021