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  I’m Not Feng Shui by Unik Ubik

I’m Not Feng Shui cover art

Artist: Unik Ubik
Title: I’m Not Feng Shui
Catalogue Number: Humpty Dumpty Records
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2022

Woke up this morning and found, to my surprise, that I wasn’t dead. Now, this doesn’t really have anything to do with Unik Ubik or, indeed, their album “I’m Not Feng Shui” but sometimes you need to be in a particular frame of mind to appreciate some kinds of music.

With despair being my current frame of mind, would Unik Ubik restore my missing faith in the purity of the inevitable? Initially, my opinion was to the contrary. The band’s hard edged European style take on post punk veered uncomfortably close to arthouse parody but, as patience is my last remaining virtue, I persevered. Boom bang-a-bang and take me to the river, this album snapped suddenly into focus and all it took was a splash of G.W Sok magic to launch “This Is The Day” right up into the sky. Following through with “Lazy Beezy”, Unik Ubik then donned their Kevlar and went looking for a fight with the kind of saxophone led strutting and soundtrack cue sorcery that makes you wonder how anyone in their right mind would want out of Europe.

You want the summary? “I’m Not Feng Shui” starts slowly but stick with it and you will hear a band with a clear purpose and a, somewhat disguised, ability to sledgehammer their music into your head. That’s good enough for me and, with my faith in the inspirational power of music now restored, it was time for some cornflakes.
Review Date: May 8 2022