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  Kemana by Serena Ferrara & Simone Mor

Kemana cover art

Artist: Serena Ferrara & Simone Mor
Title: Kemana
Catalogue Number: Vibra Records
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2022

As they say in the forest, sometimes you get the bear and sometimes the bear gets you. They also say that life is hard and depressingly low in surprises yet, somewhere in the mist, you will always find something that won’t kill you and eat you for breakfast and, eminently classy in deportment and disposition, “Kemana” by Serena Ferrara & Simone Mor is that very something.

Pulling influences from a global palette as Serena Ferrara & Simone Mor do will often induce a desire for an overdose of compensating raucousness but, so easy on the ear is the voice of Serena Ferrara, that even the most cynical death metal fan would be convinced of the spiritual necessity of fluently integrating jazz with the classiest elements of world music.

On initial acquaintance, “Kemana” successfully disguises itself as an album of coffee shop smooth jazz but, lest you be fooled into thinking that this is merely cappuccino flavoured background music, just below the surface there is an underlying musical literacy infused into this album that will surely move the more discerning ear into full concentration mode and consequent happiness.
Review Date: May 8 2022