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  Raising The Roof by Booze & Glory

Raising The Roof cover art

Artist: Booze & Glory
Title: Raising The Roof
Catalogue Number: Pirates Press Records
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2022

As band names go, Booze & Glory isn’t one to appeal to the clean living radio personalities of today. As band names go, however, Booze & Glory seems pretty damn accurate for the kind of full on Friday night music that they play with their title of their album “Raising The Roof” maintaining a similar level of descriptive accuracy.

There are four songs on this EP and you will no doubt be glad to learn that there isn’t a ballad amongst them. The volume is constantly cranked to max as Booze & Glory efficiently mix the lyrical bounce and sing along of American power punk in with the ectoplasmic remain of London (England’s) pure punk spirit. The guitars are therefore fluent to the point of session perfection but there is no mistaking that underneath that poise and polish is a band with manic selection of drink until dawn songs that will drag you incessantly towards the certainty of a conviction for a public order offence.

“Raising The Roof” isn’t a model of subtlety nor would it gain the approval of your maiden aunt but, if every day were to be a Friday, then this EP would be on permanent repeat on the jukebox of life.

Best song: the maximum singalong that is “The Streets I Call My Own”
Review Date: May 24 2022