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  Robot by Shanna in a Dress

Robot cover art

Artist: Shanna in a Dress
Title: Robot
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2022

Do all songs come from the heart? Probably not, yet, after listening to “Robot” by Shanna in a Dress, I got to thinking that it would be better if they did. That might just be the result of allergic reaction to the plastic songs generated on the 3D printers beloved by the music industry of today, but I doubt it.

Shanna Hoar – for it is she who is Shanna in a Dress – has clearly walked through many a metaphor filled pasture and makes full use of her literacy – both lyrical and musical – to create songs that mix a cool coffee shop vibe in with heart on her sleeve sentiments to paint pictures of relationships that were always heading for the river. Although that might suggest this is something of a downbeat album, it is to the credit of Shanna in a Dress that she can sugar coat the presentation of said songs without losing any of their emotional integrity. That’s a mark of quality in my book.

So, from the flighty “Boomerang” to the exposed and poignant “Daddy’s Little Girl”, these songs exude that confident big city poise that highlights the benefits of both education and skinny lattés whilst managing to retain an appealing relevance to reality to thus make “Robot” a pleasing confection that will satisfy both heart and mind.

Best song: “Shit Show” – a singalong festival favourite in the making.

Available from Bandcamp and other digital places.
Review Date: May 30 2022