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  Love by DIMITRI

Love cover art

Title: Love
Catalogue Number: Blancmange Lounge
Review Format: Cassette
Release Year: 2022

I drink therefore I am? Why do cats have nine tails? Is the world really round? Why are KitKats not what they used to be? Is what the world needs really love? All the questions will and won’t be answered by he who is known as DIMITRI through the contrivances that are the songs on his EP “Love.”

Judging by these four hypnotic songs, DIMITRI is the metaphysical equivalent of Barry White with his near horizontal approach to spiritual exhortations being balanced by a reverential, and minimalist, musical respray of all the good John Carpenter movie soundtracks but, hey, the DIMITRI knows what he is doing and duly he leads us on the path to enlightenment faster than any priest could.

Love, as DIMITRI knows, is war and he is one of the few that could negotiate a surrender where both sides win and decide to get married. Truly we are blessed.

Available from Bandcamp and other digital places (and on a cassette if you are quick).

P.S. the cassette came - ha! - with condoms for DIMITRI knows that with love comes responsibility.
Review Date: June 5 2022