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  World To Me by Pit Pony

World To Me cover art

Artist: Pit Pony
Title: World To Me
Catalogue Number: Clue Records
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2022

First impressions are often deceptive. You think that, yeah, you can brush over this one as you’ve heard it all before. It’s a careless approach as you might actually miss something that is more important than its by the rock playbook presentation might otherwise suggest and that takes us neatly to the verdict on “World To Me” by Pit Pony.

Pit Pony are from Tyneside which might mean something and, then again, it might not. Probably not. One thing that is for sure is that this is a band that is in love with the nineties rock song with often ridiculously macho guitars splattering each song against a wall of ear pounding volume. Those riffs keep on coming yet there is something incongruous in the mix and that something is Jackie Purver’s persistently laconic voice that provides an welcome counterpoint to the sonic assault on the eardrums of the innocent. She isn‘t the voice of discontent or protest but she has this, somewhat sly, ability to exploit conventionality whilst highlighting the fact that her words are more than just the butter on your toast.

“World To Me”, despite the worship of all things related to the power chord, provides sufficient evidence that Pit Pony are a band that has enough imagination waiting in the wings to make a second album.

In the meantime, play it loud and you might find that your Friday night has just got a bit better.

Best song: The title track “World To Me”.
Review Date: June 13 2022