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  Clear by Moni Jitchell

Clear cover art

Artist: Moni Jitchell
Title: Clear
Catalogue Number: Gold Mold Records
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2022

Yes, I feel the anger. It’s square and sharp and loud and looking for a fight. It’s all the way through “Clear” by Moni Jitchell and they are not going to pay lip service to anything. Not the three minute pop song. Not even the eternally forgiving pretensions of the art house. Moni Jitchell are just brutal and that’s that.

Moni Jitchell are also a band that can squeeze a lot into two minutes – that’s about how long their longest song is – and their compressed and stripped out back to bare metal approach isn’t likely to win them many friends in polite society. You don’t get many bands today that go out of their way to avoid cuddles and commercial sponsorship and Moni Jitchell duly try to be the least user friendly band this side of GG Allin. Ear candy is, after all, for old women and men who play golf midweek.

This EP is so short that it is over before it started. No problem, that’s what the repeat button is for. And the volume button. No, that’s for turning it up to the max. Just do it. Who wants neighbours that complain to the police about the noise anyway?

I want to drink beer. I want to see this band live. I want my ears to bleed. I want to live forever.
Review Date: July 2 2022