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  Panic Grass!!! by Headcleaner

Panic Grass!!! cover art

Artist: Headcleaner
Title: Panic Grass!!!
Catalogue Number: Goldmold Records
Review Format: Cassette
Release Year: 2022

Someone should invent a credit card that doesn’t work when you’re drunk. It would save so many people from purchasing surprises that unexpectedly pop through the letterbox sometime later. Mind you, not all that is purchased in jest turns out to be a joke and “Panic Grass!!!” from Headcleaner was the proof.

Headcleaner another band unknown to me but, after a day on the ale, who can say no to a blue cassette? As it turns out, said blue cassette demands to be played very, very loud indeed for Headcleaner are almost a punk band borne of original 1977 parents yet, despite their raucous presentation and Ann Scott’s raw vocals, there is also something playful about them that pulls them away from the summer of discontent and turns them instead toward the promised land of neo theatrical irony. It’s a maximum volume balancing act and one that Headcleaner prove themselves more than capable of pulling it off.

As the man with plan once said, it’s all good apart from the cheese and onion pasties. Fortunately, there are no cheese an onion pasties to be found in “Panic Grass!!!”

The blue cassette is a limited edition from Goldmold records.
Review Date: July 24 2022