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  Prize of Love by Half Song

Prize of Love cover art

Artist: Half Song
Title: Prize of Love
Catalogue Number: Half Song Music HSM2201
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2022

All I know about Half Song is that they are songwriters and producers who have released a number of albums over the years and, not having heard any of said previous albums, I can’t even hazard a guess if “The Prize of Love” represents a change or merely a continuation of their established musical direction.

As you might expect of an album produced in 2022, there is much that is looped and sequenced to be found in these eleven songs. So, not much to surprise your ears in that but, sneaking out from behind those lumpen beats, are some truly unusual vocals. They say that man has to know his limitations and he who sings these songs has clearly taken that to heart with his world weary voice staying well within the confines of the cardboard box that contains the ashes of your late uncle. The songs, likewise, seem more like ironic experiments in the art of song writing and it takes little effort on the listener’s part to predict just how many circles the lyrics will run in.

As you might now have surmised, “Prize of Love” isn’t the kind of album destined for the even the bottom of the charts yet there is something curiously appealing about Half Song’s individualistic approach to making your ears bleed. It’s a car crash mentality thing. You know you shouldn’t listen to this album but you will. And then you end up in a ditch.
Review Date: September 28 2022