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  Colour In The Grey by Dancing On Tables

Colour In The Grey cover art

Artist: Dancing On Tables
Title: Colour In The Grey
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2022

I know we are a long way from the festival season but sometimes you listen to an album and think that you are hearing next year’s big thing. I got that feeling about “Colour In The Grey” by Dancing On Tables.

It’s not often that I get to describe a band as overtly commercial without it being an insult yet that is what Dancing On Tables are. They drink deep from the well of indie rock and, suitably quenched, they then pool their efforts into polishing up an energetic bunch of singalong songs to perfection in readiness for consumption by the party crowds occupying the fields of summer. Some might dismiss this album as a tawdry and mercenary attempt to bring life to a band through the exorcism of the sounds of the (near) past but that would be to do a disservice to Dancing On Tables. Knocking out songs that people might want to sing isn’t easy to do and to do so over the length of the album is no mean feat.

Once again, I am listening to an album that I should hate but don’t. I hate when that happens but, in a strange way, I am grateful that it does. Do we still have charts? If so, I know where Dancing On Tables are heading.

Best sing: The energetic “Breathe.”

Verdict: Success!
Review Date: October 26 2022