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  10 by Jordana of Earth

10 cover art

Artist: Jordana of Earth
Title: 10
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2022

Canadian electro pop does seem to be the style of the musical moment so it was no surprise to find, from the evidence of her EP “10”, that Jordana of Earth has the style to go her super cool name.

This isn’t an album for dancing. It more an album for chilling and considering the deeper meaning of music in the 21st century. There is meat on the bones of her words too and that provides the necessary extra calories to keep you going throughout the duration of this EP and, while six songs aren’t really long enough to estimate the longevity of an artist, they are long enough to convince even these cynical ears that this EP would make a perfect soundtrack to mid paced adventures in the urban environment for there is an unmistakeable big city feel here that, combined with Jordana of Earth’s misty vocals, turns that sixteen speaker sound system in your SUV into a satisfying provider of sentimental ear candy.

Whilst everything on this EP does indeed sound like the result of synthetic intervention, there is, nonetheless, something organic about the way she sings that pretty much compels you to listen. It’s dreamy and it’s cappuccino and those are the facts.
Review Date: October 29 2022