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  The Light by Charlie Risso

The Light cover art

Artist: Charlie Risso
Title: The Light
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2022

There is music that the wordsmiths of the past would have described as “head music” and there is music that seems more of a soundtrack to some dream than a reflection of our composite reality. Charlie Risso’s third release “The Light” has both such qualities although you may have to give these four songs a bit of time before they can fully surround you.

These four songs aren’t immediate by any means but all that you hear has clearly been carefully assembled into a conceptual whole and, with your headphones isolating you from the cold wind of reality, it isn’t difficult to find yourself transported to somewhere where reverb, log fires and the aurora borealis can co-exist in peaceful tranquillity. It’s a warm and fuzzy thing to experience yet there is never any doubt that Charlie Risso has the power to take over your ears and reverberate her tightly sequenced melodies and words all the way into those deeper thoughts imprisoned inside your skull.

As the man with the plan is prone to say, patience is a virtue that few seem to possess or even want to possess yet it is patience that will make you, the listener, appreciate the true virtues of “The Light.” I see the light.
Review Date: November 4 2022