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  Music for the Planet by The Lürxx

Music for the Planet cover art

Artist: The Lürxx
Title: Music for the Planet
Catalogue Number: Records DK
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2022

Gad, what was I thinking? On a point of principle, I don’t do ecology or vegetables so what was I thinking even listening to “Music For The Planet by a veteran, and environmentally motivated, band like The Lürxx.

Was it because we get songs about the end of the world caused by farting cows? Well, no. This, as it turns out, is instead an album of solid rock riffs, pleasing punky interludes and well-worn vocals with a curious side dish of weirdly folky influences. As you might perhaps also expect of a band with green motivations, the lyrics do sometimes stray away from conventional song subjects into something akin to urban psychedelia while the organic production simultaneously allows you to both feel the grass growing under your feet and appreciate the value of keeping it simple. With all that said, the band sound most focused when giving it some proper anger and “Sunset Shit” duly stands out in that regard.

For a band that has been about since the nineties. The Lürxx still, remarkably, have the energy to keep this album going a fair old pace even if, underneath those power chords and thudding drums, methinks there hides a closet hippy or two.
Review Date: November 4 2022