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  Alphabetical Blues Bash Volume 1 by The Wayne Riker Gathering

Alphabetical Blues Bash Volume 1 cover art

Artist: The Wayne Riker Gathering
Title: Alphabetical Blues Bash Volume 1
Catalogue Number: Fretfull Records
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2022

It’s a reliability thing. You know what you want and you like it when you get it. If you are a modern day blues fan then you know you will like the new album “Alphabetical Blues Bash Volume 1 by The Wayne Riker Gathering.

This isn’t, as you might now expect, an album of surprises with all of these thirteen songs being familiar to anyone has substantial blues - or, at least, blues-ish – content in their record collection. With that said, there is still much to enjoy on this album. Wayne Riker’s guitar is as twelve bar fluent as usual and the guest vocalists - Billy Watson and Debora Galan, in particular – have little trouble stamping the mark on class over the songs.

This being volume 1, we only get up to the letter M so somewhere out there will be another 13 tracks of alphabetically arranged blues goodness waiting to make an appearance. I won’t be surprised when they do.
Review Date: November 6 2022