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  In My Reality by Eka Laki

In My Reality cover art

Artist: Eka Laki
Title: In My Reality
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2023

It’s a loop thing. And if you are going looping then you might as well go retro looping for your musical inspiration and that’s the road that Eka Laki takes with her album “In My Reality”. So, let’s press the play button and, once more, go round and round the digital merry-go-round.

Funnily enough, given my normal contempt for the disciples of the sequencer, I actually liked this album. It helped immeasurably that Eka Laki has a voice that can make you believe that she could not be replaced by a computer even if all the backing tracks would try to convince you otherwise. Throw in a bit of entirely decent song writing to help those melodies hook right into your ears and these nine songs manage to grab your attention without ever being obvious about it. There’s even a couple of songs in her native Georgian language that follow the same style path as the English songs but somehow seem altogether more exotic. I like exotic.

Eka Laki has successfully absorbed all those super stylish urban grooves that filled the airwaves towards the end of the twentieth century and infused them with the technological simplicity of today. “In My Reality” is retro right enough but it’s good retro.
Review Date: February 14 2023