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  No Drugs Required by Neon Kittens

No Drugs Required cover art

Artist: Neon Kittens
Title: No Drugs Required
Catalogue Number: Metal Postcard MP413
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2023

Everybody likes kittens, don’t they? Even Neon Kittens. However, I doubt that this band from somewhere like deepest darkest NYC are as cute and fluffy as your potential pet shop purchase and their album “No Drugs Required” is certainly more likely to scratch than cuddle you.

Given the obvious angular post punk influences, “No Drugs Required” plays out like Neon Kittens just hopped on the first downtown bus in search of somewhere the cool kids no longer go. These eleven songs are rough edged indeed with the often barely decipherable lyrics competing with post midnight percussive pounding and the angriest guitar this side of an intensive cognitive therapy session to provide a remarkably coherent post academia rant for the quasi-psychotic. This is philosophy put to music for those who find nihilism doesn’t go far enough to explain both their fashion choices and their continued desire to walk on the less than sparkly side of the street.

As for no drugs required? Perhaps not. You might actually need them.

Best song: “Everything Is Going Up” – Eight minutes of B movie nightmare.

Verdict: Delusions are but shadows in the recording studio.
Review Date: February 25 2023