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  Silence Like Sirens by Kalen

Silence Like Sirens cover art

Artist: Kalen
Title: Silence Like Sirens
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2023

It must be a big city thing. Around every corner there is sadness and shadows and yet another singer songwriter. This time it is New England to Brooklyn transplant Kalen singing the songs and she has released another EP called “Silence Like Sirens”.

It is perhaps that transportation process that make the songs on this EP seems like reflections on degrees of separation. I don’t mean a palpable sense of the distance between something or someone that once was but more the invocation of the difference between where you might find yourself and where you thought you should be. The looping of sounds adds to that sense of urban exasperation and those retro stylistic touches reinforce that nothing ever really changes vibe. Everything you hear sounds processed to the point of appearing false yet the lyrics of “I Miss Home” and “True Love” provide the all too necessary proof that Kalen’s heart is never less than connected to all that she does.

Despite sounding synthetic, Kalen demonstrates that she has stories that deserve to be told.
Review Date: April 1 2023