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  A Comforting Notion by Heartworms

A Comforting Notion cover art

Artist: Heartworms
Title: A Comforting Notion
Catalogue Number: PIAS
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2023

Some songs seem better suited to night and, generally speaking, the more synthetic the song, the more it will seem appropriate to the post midnight urban apocalypse. Yeah, and verily, “A Comforting Notion” by Heartworms presents itself as the perfect EP to test Bluetooth connectivity in your electric car substitute.

So, is this style over substance? Heartworm have undoubtedly used a great deal of plastic in the creation of these four songs yet the material of manufacture does not entrap the sharp edged, and often downright anger oriented, lyrics. The looping is, of course, merciless and possessed by the demonic spirit of all that is synthetic, but the motive power is entirely organic with bleak raps and lost in reverb musical movements swerving this vehicle across the monotonous lanes of the motorway of life in search of the turnoff for the long lost fairground of fun.

Heartworms wear black and that’s not just because it is slimming. Heartworms sound just like a band of these troubled times should sound. Heartworms make my clock tick.
Review Date: April 2 2023