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  Hoodrat Shit Vol. 1 by Piss Bath

Hoodrat Shit Vol. 1 cover art

Artist: Piss Bath
Title: Hoodrat Shit Vol. 1
Catalogue Number: Gold Mold
Review Format: Cassette
Release Year: 2023

Piss Bath? Now there’s a proper name for a band. No danger of anyone on the radio announcing that Piss Bath are climbing the charts. No danger at all. No danger of corporate sponsorship either unless potential sponsors are into water sports and got over excited. And could Piss Bath actually be subversive?

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps. Releasing a cassette in these digital days could be seen as an act of subversion sneakily inserted into any band’s mission to get their musical message across. After all, everybody has a cassette deck these days and even Kylie knocks out fodder for antiquated technology. So much for the lateral thinking, what’s to decipher and interpret on “Hoodrat Shit Vol. 1”? Not a lot to tell the truth, but it has to be said that these four songs are both rock hard and powered by more than their fair share of hardcore fury. The titles – “Street Valium”, for example – indicate that the collected works of Wordsworth were not likely to have been an inspiration to this band and it is therefore no surprise when Piss Bath duly rampage their delinquent ideas and loud guitars through the avenues and (mostly) alleyways of the no mean city of Glasgow.

Piss Bath sound angry and that’s a good thing. Playing this cassette loud – as if there was another way – proved invigorating in a four espressos kind of way that would inevitably lead the listener down the path to delinquency and subsequent imprisonment. You have been warned.

The cassette available on the Gold Mold label.
Review Date: April 3 2023