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  The Prodigals by Ruth Campbell

The Prodigals cover art

Artist: Ruth Campbell
Title: The Prodigals
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2023

The man with the plan is big on eternal damnation or, at least, it seems that way in these thoroughly tedious days. As the odds are that I shall be needing flameproof outer garments on my departure from this realm, it seemed like a plan to score some much needed spiritual points and, duly and verily, my ears were drawn to “The Prodigals” by Ruth Campbell.

Christian music of this time and place has always seemed curiously restrained to me. Gospel can certainly induce some fervent worship yet the mellow songs of worship on this album are targeted differently and are altogether more reverential and restrained with Ruth Campbells’ voice being always clear and serene as if to reinforce that her purpose is not to convert but to calmy guide those who might listen towards the light that shines upon us all.

Many will no doubt find her songs comforting even if they are not chained to a church and, while there is nothing here likely to take you to the red line of redemption, that surely is the point. Faith should infuse your normal life and not just be a crutch in times of exception so, with that mind, “The Prodigals” therefore makes for an entirely suitable, and eminently pleasing to the ear, soundtrack.

Best song: The eloquent title song “The Prodigals.”

Verdict: Curiously calming.

The album is available digitally and from Bandcamp.
Review Date: April 8 2023