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  Abigail Pryde by Abigail Pryde

Abigail Pryde cover art

Artist: Abigail Pryde
Title: Abigail Pryde
Catalogue Number: Wee Studio Records
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2023

When you think Nashville, you think of the God fearing, Biden voting US of A. You think of radio friendly songs filled with blue collar sensibilities that are destined for maximum volume playback in a Bluetooth enabled pickup truck burning rubber on the interstate. Do you, however, think of Dunoon as the Music City’s twin town and Abigail Pryde as the next big thing to don a designer stetson and walk towards the bright lights? Maybe it is time that you did.

Her self-titled album indeed has that modern day country vibe, yet she still retains something of the traditional sound of Scotland. Fiddles. of course, have a place on either side of the Atlantic and, if you think about it, the affinity that Scotland – and Ireland, for that matter – has always had with country music would make it inevitable that someone would rise up and parallel the polished professionalism that modern day Music City USA gifts to the world of music. It is to Abigail Pryde’s credit that she can pull this off with her songs evoking sentiments that everyone can relate to and, even when stripped back to the emotional exposure of “There Isn’t A Book”, she never sounds less than convincing.

So, if country music of this time and place is your thing, then you will find much to please your ears in the ten songs that make up this album.

The album is available from Bandcamp and other digital sources.
Review Date: April 15 2023