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  TTYS by Tape Toy

TTYS cover art

Artist: Tape Toy
Title: TTYS
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2023

The philosophers of the street say that cultural imperialism is a bad thing and we, one and all, will be rendered subservient to the myth of burgers and beer being where it is, and always will, be at. Certainly, Amsterdam’s Tape Toy draw heavily on American pop punk for the motivational power that drives their EP “TTYS” onwards and outwards but is that actually a bad thing?

Well no, or at least not if you like your music full of grungy guitars and take it to the bridge pop sensibilities for the five songs that make up this EP positively exude a certain joie de vivre that could only come from a band that knows that to entertain is to entrance. Strong female vocals sit out front but is those gritty, dirty guitars that are the real hot sauce that truly invigorates your taste buds and those carefully constructed hooks duly bait your ears into listening to the next song.

So, not an EP full of sonic surprises then but “TTYS” has an appealing honesty and some seriously solid riffage going its favour and that’s enough to make it into a raucous soundtrack for a beer soaked Friday night.
Review Date: April 22 2023