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  Buried Town by Lisa Marini

Buried Town cover art

Artist: Lisa Marini
Title: Buried Town
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2023

I have always been of the opinion that your ears know class when they hear it. Class, at least outside of the political implications of the term, simply refers to the ability of an artist to rise above the expected norm and steer a steady course towards the nirvana of deeper meaning. With her album “Buried Town”, Lisa Marini demonstrates that she is indeed the captain of her own ship.

The songs on “Buried Town” have that curiously disconnected feel that seems to encourage reflection as if Lisa Marini is telling stories that should be told while simultaneously disguising their truth in metaphorical musings. Does that mean something of significance? That is surely for your own ears to determine yet it is hard to avoid the enchantment that her poetic extemporisations cast upon your attention. Lisa Marini, no doubt deliberately, verges on being an arthouse diva but, such is the spell that she casts, that you begin to wonder of you are hearing something more than is actually there. I would like to say that you had to be there but you could, and indeed, should be.

Lisa Marini is a class act. Of that there is no doubt.

Best song: the offbeat sophistication that is “Summer Rain.”

Verdict: Different yet divine.
Review Date: April 22 2023