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  Unreal by Moni Jitchell

Unreal cover art

Artist: Moni Jitchell
Title: Unreal
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2023

You don’t often get to describe any music these days as angry as it is the fashion to process all the fiery goodness out of music and leave only something akin to American cheese. Moni Jitchell – a two piece band from Glasgow – would, however, melt any cheese on the planet in seconds given the heat likely to be generated by their debut album “Unreal”.

If you are a fan of hardcore and, let’s face it, all the cool cats are these days then these six songs filled with distortion and manic energy will ignite you, and as your mantle melts, those pounding drums, permanently stuck in power chord overdrive guitars and the screaming words of discontent soon form themselves into a sort of sonic weapon that just isn’t designed for these antiseptic times. Some might even describe Moni Jitchell as being infused with more than their fair share of primitive aggression and they would, indeed, be right for this isn’t the kind of music to discuss with Rupert and Ariane over a soya cappuccino. No, this is the kind of music that will crush your skull in a beer soaked basement whilst simultaneously providing you with the comfort of knowing that you are sweating with the blessing of God.

Needless to say, this is an album that requires maximum volume for greatest enjoyment and, as angry and angular as “Unreal” is, it still makes me smile. Gleefully and maniacally, but smile I do.
Review Date: May 2 2023