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  Have You Seen My Mind by Hanna Ögonsten

Have You Seen My Mind cover art

Artist: Hanna Ögonsten
Title: Have You Seen My Mind
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2023

It’s a plastic world and we leave in plastic times so much that we hear and see is merely recycled plastic posing as something organic and special. Hanna Ögonsten‘s EP “Have You Seen My Mind Because I’ve Lost It” certainly appears to be a plastic product but is there more than polymers holding her music together?

There is no shortage of processing applied to everything on this EP with plenty of opportunity for studio educated ears to play guess the effects chain parlour game. No doubt that is a deliberate artistic choice, but that choice does make you wonder if Hanna Ögonsten’s less than superficial songs would grow wings if they weren’t burdened with the weight of familiar factory fitted dancefloor options.

Don’t get me wrong. I quite liked what I heard but the heavy handed production proved something of an impediment to my enjoyment. Again, this might well have been an artistic choice that was perhaps intended to inject a measure of irony into the proceedings but, when it comes down to it, a loop will always be a loop.
Review Date: May 6 2023