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  Otherworld by Celestial North

Otherworld cover art

Artist: Celestial North
Title: Otherworld
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2023

So, there I was thinking about an evening of techno when fortune dealt me another hand and in this hand was Celestial North and her album “Otherworld”. Fortune is indeed a lady with a mind of her won but had I rolled a hard eight this time?

In a way I had. Celestial North is, as her name might suggest, follows a more ethereal path than most with her synthetic tribal rhythms providing adequate support for both her wistful voice and her meandering lyrics. This rather unfocused approach initially appeared directionless but, as in all things, gaining perspective is key in acquiring understanding with many of those tribal rhythms actually being derived less from the forests of the Amazon than the midnight hour in the strobe lit urban jungle yet, given the ever present mist of the mystical, it is perhaps no surprise that the notoriously shady hands of the DJ did not steer Celestial North.

As such albums go, “Otherworld” gels quite nicely even if it takes a bit of concentration to stay on the path with it. That makes it worth a gamble in my book.
Review Date: June 26 2023