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  Staple My Hand To Yours by Alpha Strategy

Staple My Hand To Yours cover art

Artist: Alpha Strategy
Title: Staple My Hand To Yours
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2023

Alpha Strategy. Now there’s a band name that suggests purpose but, behind their EP “Staple My Hand To Yours“, is there a plan? Or is this just 11 minutes of rambling in the rain?

Well, if you like your post punk influenced music to go all hard and angular and stay that way then Alpha Strategy will be your kind of band. Their songs start, strut manically through a prison block full of stridency, bounce the, almost tribalistic, percussion of all the available walls and then stop. There are no love songs amongst these four songs and, with song titles like “Mr Wobbles” and “The Caressing Cloth”, the lyrical direction was never going to be entirely poetic anyway. Don’t get me wrong, if your poetry experience was borne of the street poets of the eighties then these near existential, and theatrically delivered, rants will point your sails right into the wind.

“Staple My Hand To Yours” is sometimes deliberately difficult but I suppose that is to be expected of a band like Alpha Strategy. Play this one loud in an enclosed space and your world will probably go bang.
Review Date: July 6 2023