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  Nudge Unit Blues by The Eisenhowers

Nudge Unit Blues cover art

Artist: The Eisenhowers
Title: Nudge Unit Blues
Catalogue Number: Waste of Point WoPr007
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2023

In as much as my reality addled brain can recall, The Eisenhowers have been around for a while with their particular brand of intellectually enhanced power pop often pulling something polished out of the ether for the delectation of your educated ears yet it was still something of a surprise to find something very much akin to protest songs on their current album “Nudge Unit Blues”.

Now, surprises are good. Or, at least, they are generally good, but these eleven songs aren’t actually meant to reflect good. I would imagine that two years of lockdown would destroy much of the naturally occurring creativity that those with artistic ability might possess but The Eisenhowers – which, these days, is more or less entirely Raymond Weir – have emerged with their intellectually enhanced anger focused into lyrics that are less implication than indictment. Does this therefore make “Nudge Unit Blues” something of a concept album? Perhaps, for a theme does indeed persist through all of these songs and, while I mean no disrespect to Raymond Weir’s advancing years, he sees what has seemed lost on the youth of today who continue in both actions and song to embrace the love of their fruit flavoured, corporate overlords.

“Nudge Unit Blues” has meat on its bones. Of that there is no doubt. However, a message so intelligently expressed will, probably fall on deaf ears in a world where education is no longer valued. With that said, those who have ears that can still hear will always listen and they will be the audience for this album.

Best song: “Panel Show Prince”.

Verdict: More is, for once, more.
Review Date: September 22 2023