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  A Year of Grace by Baby Fire

A Year of Grace cover art

Artist: Baby Fire
Title: A Year of Grace
Catalogue Number: Coeur Sur Toi
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2023

I keep thinking about rainbows. Somewhere out there at the end of the proverbial rainbow there must be, as tradition suggests, joy and happiness (aka a big pot of gold). Definitely more dark than golden are Baby Fire with their EP “A Year of Grace” – the third in a trilogy - making the kind of brooding musical moves that will ensure that your fashion choices will always be black.

Baby Fire succeed in creating an atmosphere of meditation and meaning for they are not a band that deals in three minute sunshine songs with Dominique Van Cappellen-Waldock instead emoting over minor chord melancholy in way that can only be described as melodramatic. Fortunately, I like melodramatic and Baby Fire have no difficulty in proving that they can twist their music into a maelstrom that is as much theatrical as quasi-religious so they must surely have sort of spiritual point to make.

“A Year Of Grace” sounds deep and dark but, if you like a bit of drama with your music, you won’t go far wrong by holding hands with Baby Fire for the duration of this EP.

Best song: “Like William Blake”

Verdict: Grindhouse grooves with spiritual significance.
Review Date: September 24 2023