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  Juniper Three by Juniper Three

Juniper Three cover art

Artist: Juniper Three
Title: Juniper Three
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2023

There I was walking in the rain. Well, it is Scotland so I would be walking in the rain because that’s what you get this time of the year when I got to thinking about what music could be played from the jukebox inside my head that would raise my, by now thoroughly dampened, spirits. Then, in flash of what could only be called inspirational sunshine, I remembered Juniper Three’s self-titled EP.

The metaphorical play button was duly pressed and Juniper Three - Aimee Penman, Laura Hill and Outi Smith – parted the clouds with their delicate harmonies providing a clear and present reminder of the mood enhancing value of the human voice. The four songs on this EP might seem minimalist, and indeed they are with no more than piano accompaniment to the three voices, but the reality is that nothing else is truly needed and, in a way, this makes Juniper Three’s music both heartwarming and almost spiritual with “Journey On”, in particular, likely to lift you, without fuss or bother, to a higher plane.

With this EP, Juniper Three have proved themselves more than capable of making the world seem a better place. That works for me.

Best song: “Journey On”

Verdict: Really rather fine.

The EP is available from Bandcamp and the usual digital platforms.
Review Date: October 21 2023