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  Nine Doesn’t Work for an Outside Line by Neon Kittens

Nine Doesn’t Work for an Outside Line cover art

Artist: Neon Kittens
Title: Nine Doesn’t Work for an Outside Line
Catalogue Number: Metal Postcard MP448
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2023

Now this is more like it. None of those sequenced and polished until the sugar rots your teeth commercial sensibilities. No fluffy blue comfort blankets or Disney sponsored night lights either for those strange cats Neon Kittens are back with another album of angular rants called “Nine Doesn’t Work for an Outside Line”.

This album, much like their previous album, isn’t really for daytime listening as Neon Kittens are undoubtedly children of the night who live in a strobe lit world of canned beer and diverting dreams with the distinctly oblique poetry that interjects between the post punk styled guitars making you wonder if it was after all a dream caused by excessive exposure to urban art.

I’ve seen underground movies that played out like a Neon Kittens albums with seemingly random scenes crashing into each other via jump cuts and cross cuts and, while some might call it art and some might call it pretension, there is no point pretending that Neon Kittens are anything other than the sound of the big city sometime after midnight. They might therefore sink in Kansas City but in New York, London and Berlin, Neon Kittens are the sharks that will eat you. Play loud but don’t dangle your feet over the edge of the pier if you know what is good for you.

Available from Bandcamp.
Review Date: October 29 2023