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  Tango by Giovanna

Tango cover art

Artist: Giovanna
Title: Tango
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

Latin passion is a wondrous thing. The sheer emotional intensity of it all just sweeps you away. This was indeed the case with this album from Uruguay's Giovanna. She is indeed a torch singer and there are not many of them about these days.

Performed with total conviction and with exquisite musical support from such luminaries as Mario Núñez and Hugo Fattoruso, the songs on this album "Tango" exude the passion and elegance that we associate with the dance of the same name. Old classics of the style such as the piano led "Las Cuarenta" and "Palermo en Octubre" are handled with flair and exude earthy passion. There are no weak tracks here but one track really stands out. Giovanna's storming version of "Milonga Para Un Varón" reached right into that cold Bluesbunny heart and produced actual tears. Wondrous stuff.

With music like this, the secret of success is to suspend belief on the part of the listeners. No longer are they listening to a mere CD. They are transported to smoky bar on the seedy side of town where they dance the tango and nobody buys soft drinks. Men fall in love with the singer in this land of cabaret and are driven to rash behaviour and madness by her sensuality. Giovanna is such a singer and this CD is the perfect antidote to the antiseptic, soulless music that is forced on us today. Available from CD Baby.
Review Date: August 19 2007