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  tellKujira by tellKujira

tellKujira cover art

Artist: tellKujira
Title: tellKujira
Catalogue Number: Superpang Records
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2023

Time waits for no man and no man waits more for stylistically indirect music than me with tellKujira’s self-titled album being about as indirect as you can get without falling off the cliff into the freeforming river of the avant-garde.

This Italian quartet don’t waste their time on words with all of these five extended extemporisations being free of lyrical restraints whilst still managing to retain some sense of focus. In a way, you could compare the music to soundtrack cues that have been stretched out into a more classical, perhaps even baroque, format and I would even say that there are even Nymanesque moments to be found where the introduced discord seems to serve as a counterpoint to a visual that no one can see.

Intellectual is where it is at in the art rock world these days and there is little doubt that tellKujira have studied their musical books well and, if the soundtrack to your life is heard only on headphones, then this album will provide just enough distraction to make you listen.

Available from Bandcamp and other digital places.
Review Date: November 11 2023