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  Sisters by Pippa Blundell

Sisters cover art

Artist: Pippa Blundell
Title: Sisters
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2023

I suppose it was one of those misleading first impression things as I had assumed, after listening to her EP “Sisters”, that Pippa Blundell was an old hand at the song writing game and there would be much more of her out there to discover.

Literacy is the name of the game here and, over the course of a mere four songs, an artistically expressed sentimentality is weaved into the spaces of the minimalist and yet spacious arrangements. Of note too is that her voice isn’t a replica of someone else either with her ever cultured and mannered tones demonstrating a confidence and, indeed, precision that many a more seasoned performer would envy.

Her words are filled with the aforementioned sentimentality but she expresses her views on relationships in such a perspicacious way that her humanity is never in doubt. That, of course, means that nothing here is frivolous or easy to forget but I don’t suppose anything here needed to be. Let it be and it shall be.
Review Date: November 21 2023