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  Golden Flames by Princess Thailand

Golden Flames cover art

Artist: Princess Thailand
Title: Golden Flames
Catalogue Number: A Tant Rêver du Roi
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2023

Jesus, what kind of band puts a cat on their album sleeve? And a scary looking cat at that. Princess Thailand have and it is perhaps an indication that their album “Golden Frames” isn’t going to conform to the norm.

“Golden Flames” exudes post punk ferocity with much in the way of musical guitars and pounding percussion introduced to make that all important musical impact. This isn’t a metal style aural onslaught, however, as alternately angry and melodic female vocals provide the artistic counterpoint that is the Princess Thailand trademark. The lyrics, too, are far from fluffy kittens with those words duly resonating angst and anguish in between all those power chords. This isn’t an easy listen by any means and fans of corporate sponsored plastic princesses will no doubt run from the room before track two yet there is something distinctly relevant to today in this concoction of angularity, dissonance and theatricality. Maybe that is because of the whole fitting a square peg into somebody else’s pay-as-you-go round hole vibe that underpins these ten songs and, refreshingly, that very nonconformity seems more of a reflection on the man in the mirror than some deliberate attempt to be different.

So, once again, Princess Thailand have given us an album that isn’t for everyone. That is their way, and long may they continue to produce albums that have much more weight than they, on first acquaintance, appear to have.

Available on vinyl and compact disc from Bandcamp and on digital from probably everywhere.
Review Date: November 24 2023