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  Pressure Points by Cherry White

Pressure Points cover art

Artist: Cherry White
Title: Pressure Points
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2023

It would seem that Cherry White have been around for a while but that ain’t no bad thing if you like a bit of the old blues rock with a purpose and their new EP “Pressure Points” duly lines the riffs up and sends them off on a musical mission.

You can’t do that old blues rock thing without a lot of guitar and all of these songs are pretty much fully energised by the guitar of Russell Jones and it does not take long before you are taken back in time to the days when the guitar solo was king. That might well be a somewhat anachronistic approach in these plastic times but it is hard to deny the appeal of man and musical instrument getting their act together and taking it all the way to the bridge five times in a row. There’s even some decent accompanying lyrics that roll with the requisite period correct pretentiousness.

OK, so this EP is something of a throwback to the halcyon days of rock but we all should remember that it won’t be long before all those who might recall this type of music from the first time around will have moved on to a higher plane and this will be the new music of the past. In the meantime, I think that Cherry White would be a band that are worth tracking down.

Available from Bandcamp, Spotify and the usual digital places.
Review Date: December 4 2023