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  Southern Light by Saverio Maccne

Southern Light cover art

Artist: Saverio Maccne
Title: Southern Light
Catalogue Number: Velvet Utopia
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2023

You have to wonder about the state of the world today when describing an album as upbeat is an unusual event yet upbeat is indeed the best way to describe “Southern Light by Saverio Maccne.

An established player on the blues field, or so it would seem anyway, Saverio Maccne plays it straight down the line with these nine songs yet he never sounds like he is another pale imitation of all that has gone before which is, of itself, worthy of comment as blues rock isn’t a genre that generally encourages anything other than a slavish determination to recycle and it is much to Saverio Maccne’s credit that he can inject so much in the way of joie the vivre into the conventionality of all that he does.

His abilities to cook with a guitar is never in question either with considerable fluency and fire being the core constituents in his recipe for an album that can be enjoyed with or without accompanying beer. Just to be scientific, I tried it both ways.

This album is solid as a rock. There are no surprises but you will feel all the better for listening to it and that is about as good as you could ever hope for these days.
Review Date: December 8 2023