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  Storms by Miss Chain & The Broken Heels

Storms cover art

Artist: Miss Chain & The Broken Heels
Title: Storms
Catalogue Number: Wild Honey Records
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2023

Somewhere amongst the dusty piles of vinyl that makes up my record collection there is already an album by Miss Chain & The Broken Heels so this must be a band who have been about for a while but, yesterday isn’t today, so on to their current release which is called “Storms” to see if anything has changed.

My recollection – sugar coated as it so often is - was that Miss Chain & The Broken Heels were purveyors of upbeat songs and were the kind of band that made music diligently designed for enjoyment. “Storms” indeed follows that pattern with these ten songs resonating around the room in a way that can’t fail to make the listener feel good and that irresistible combination of jangled up power pop guitars and straight to the heart female vocals soon makes this album one that you want to listen to on permanent repeat.

Miss Chain & The Broken Heels do what they do well and they have been doing it for quite some time so perhaps, if you are unfamiliar with them, it is time that you gave them the benefit of your ears. I suspect they will regenerate your long thought lost pop sensibilities.

Best Song: “Since You’re Gone”.

Verdict: Consistently upbeat.
Review Date: December 10 2023