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  Worship by Hanging Freud

Worship cover art

Artist: Hanging Freud
Title: Worship
Catalogue Number: Spleen+
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2023

I wonder what the colour black sounds like. Does it sound, perchance, like “Worship” by Glasgow based duo Hanging Freud? Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

This being their seventh studio album, it is fair to assume that Hanging Freud know the road that they are on and it would appear that it is a road with little in the way of street lighting for all that in these ten songs seems solely drawn from shadows and fog. Variety is not their spice of life either with their robot – most probably a somewhat depressed Sonic Sam robot at that- accompaniment maintaining much the same pace throughout.

That may suggest that all that is here is bleak and that is, to a large extent, true for the sunlight is never seen during “Worship” and the regimented rhythms do make your mind wonder if this is what would be played on the speakers as you march towards the gallows. I have always assumed, without any actual proof, that darkwave would be the soundtrack to such an occasion anyway although the laconic tones of Paula Borges do add something of a spiritual element that suggests that there might be a better life after you slip your head into the noose.

No doubt about it, “Worship” is indeed the sound of the colour black.
Review Date: December 11 2023