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  How To Put Your Hat On by Kilgour

How To Put Your Hat On cover art

Artist: Kilgour
Title: How To Put Your Hat On
Catalogue Number: Last Night From Glasgow
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2024

No idea how this album ended up on the digital floor but it did. Maybe God had some sort of plan to let this one pass me by but I normally operate without divine guidance anyway and I like anything with guitars so on to “How To Put Your Hat On” by Glasgow band Kilgour.

There are plenty of guitars on this album and pretty much all of them are in power chord mode all the time. That’s no bad thing in my book as virtuosity should be left to those who can’t get to the point. Kilgour definitely know how to get to the point and, drawing as they seem to do from Glasgow’s deep well of former guitar bands, they soon pull these ten songs in approximately the same direction. That direction has a vaguely psychedelic destination and, barring transient diversions into melodic meandering such as “Solar Head,” they stomp their stomp like a band on a string breaking mission.

“How To Put Your Hat On” should improve the standing of Kilgour in the minds of the masses. I await their next album with interest.
Review Date: March 10 2024