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  Alive by Charlie Risso

Alive cover art

Artist: Charlie Risso
Title: Alive
Catalogue Number: T3 Records
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2024

Never read a press release especially one that references David Lynch yet I had done just that and while casting my attentions towards “Alive” by Charlie Risso, I could not help but attempt to draw some parallels with the maestro director’s films. Naturally, I failed for while Charlie Risso does have songs that sound like they should be on a soundtrack, it would be a disservice to her to suggest that said songs could not stand on their own.

As is the way of today, there are few rays of sunshine to be found in this album. Atmosphere is everything, or so it would seem, and these songs resonate with an intensity that suggests that the release of emotions is the best, and least expensive, way of escaping the deep dark shadows of melancholy. It is therefore reasonable to suppose that there is a degree of catharsis in Charlie Risso’s layered in reverb words with the often complex arrangements adding in some textbook security through obscurity.

So, does “Alive” duly deserves that all important second listen? It does. They say that once is never enough and, in the case of this album, that proved to be true. I would have walked away from this album but, on the closer examination that subsequent exposure gave, it became evident that there was something deeper, and even darker, here than those first impressions had suggested. I like it when an album makes you wonder what it is actually about.

Regarding the David Lynch reference, her song “By The Lake” does indeed, on reacquaintance, have echoes of Badalamenti in it. Look and you will find it. They say that too and that’s why you need that second listen.
Review Date: April 1 2024