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  Good At Love by Paige Stark

Good At Love cover art

Artist: Paige Stark
Title: Good At Love
Catalogue Number: Blonde Dog
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2024

They say misery loves company but what does melancholy love? Perhaps “Good At Love”, the debut solo EP by Paige Stark, would have some answers.

An EP it indeed is with only four songs delivered in the low key of melancholy to take you on that journey though the shadows of emotion. Downbeat is the direction yet the destination would not seem to be depression for there is something else here. Something almost existential, something reinforced by repetition that loops these songs around you as if to smother you with something that is, if not love, at least attracts understanding.

No doubt about it. Paige Stark plays from the heart and these four songs, including a distinctly laidback cover of Nilsson’s “I’ll Never Leave You”, sit together well and work quite nicely as a soundtrack for contemplation on matters of the heart. No answers therefore but I like the questions.

Best song: “Zombie Brain Drain”.

Verdict: Reflective.
Review Date: June 9 2024