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  An Ordinary Life by Long Earth

An Ordinary Life cover art

Artist: Long Earth
Title: An Ordinary Life
Catalogue Number: Grand Tour Recordings
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2024

Prog rock from Scotland? In this day and age? Apparently so, for Long Earth have a new album out called “An Ordinary Life” and it does indeed stylistically ramble like it is still 1973 only, I hope, with better haircuts.

My memories of prog rock in its heyday are completely absent but I am pretty sure that the bands of that time and genre sang about goblins and fair maidens. Long Earth are a rather more topical band with those fanciful flights into mysticism replaced with some dry, neo political, lyrics that neatly illuminate the cold light of our day. The pace is always casual with two of the songs running over the ten minute mark, and, whilst never in a rush, Long Earth use that lack of variation to their advantage suggesting that their true intent is not to excite but to invoke a rather more mature reaction and that reaction is to ponder and to reflect on what you hear and how you might find parallels in these troubled times.

Some might say that this is a dated approach as no one really cares about what they haven’t been told to care about and some might also say that Martin Haggarty’s vocals often walk a thin line between theatrically contrived restraint and outright laconicism. However, I would say that Long Earth have taken a more considered, even intellectual, approach with this album as there is little doubt that all that is in these songs is a reflection on the reality of the 21st century and, as such, Long Earth have used their musical muscles to good effect. There are, of course, interludes that remind us of the pomp and circumstance that is a genre expectation, but there is also no doubt that this is an album with serious intent that transcends the long form presentation.
Review Date: June 30 2024