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  Vengo Con To’ by Mayra Veronica

Vengo Con To’ cover art

Artist: Mayra Veronica
Title: Vengo Con To’
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2006

On the surface this is a CD that we shouldn't really like.  After all, in some ways it's really just repackaged Europop.  Yet, having said that, there is no denying it is catchy fun-time music.  And what really makes it stand out is the addition of some great samba, tango and Cuban rhythms that have infused the music with a spirit of exuberance and joy that make it difficult not to like.

Hot rhythms are the order of the day, and nowhere is this more evident than with "Ay, Mama Mia" ("Oh, Mother of Mine") which gyrates and sways along on the back of a great horn backing.  "El Ritmo de tu Cuerpo" ("The Rhythm of your Body") has a slightly funky feel and is another cracking dance along number, as is the more urban sound and rhythms of the title track "Vengo con To'".  "Arena y Mar" ("Sand and Sea") is more of a mid tempo sultry number, while "Es Tan Dificil" ("It Is So Difficult") shows Mayra is equally adept at the slower numbers.

The only gripes we have are with the unnecessary 'Spanglish' version of "Vengo con To'", and an entirely unwarranted remixing of "Ay, Mama Mia" that adds nothing to the song, quite the opposite in fact.  That aside this is a great piece of Latino pop, and proof, that just like the film industry, it doesn't have to be performed in English to be good.
Review Date: September 3 2007