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  Wish I Had You by The Rounders

Wish I Had You cover art

Artist: The Rounders
Title: Wish I Had You
Catalogue Number: Blind Pig BPCD 5110
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

The heartbeat of The Rounders sound is frequently characterised by rafter shaking bass lines, precision drumming and reverb laden twanging guitars.  They are one of a breed of bands taking blues in a new direction.  And they don't so much as give it a twist as heartily shake it around until it's gasping for breath, disoriented and staggering off down an entirely new path.

The superb opening track "God Knows I'm Trying" is a prime example of their style.  First it hits you with a solid dense bass coupled to a guitar that ricochets and echoes its way into your ears, then the emotive gritty vocals, that have just a tinge of a gospel feel to them, reach out and wrap around you like a bear hug.  "When It's Bad" is another real highlight which has a Hendrix-esque feel to it, giving an almost psychedelic sound that makes you want to look at the pretty colours - and admire the shimmering shades of blue!  The title track "Wish I Had You" has a more traditional delta blues sound that merges with alt country realism; while "Let Me Talk at You" has a harder Zeppelin like rock sound with the rhythm section thudding and thumping in perfect harmony.  Finally "Goodbye, George" provides us with a suitably energetic closing number that comes across as Duane Eddy meets Elmore James!

The sound created by The Rounders is not quite the blues.  Nor is it quite rock, country or rockabilly although traces of all are present.  While the blues purists may not approve, it is in the spirit of pioneers like Muddy and John Lee who took the blues from the Delta to the urban sprawl of the City.  And we think they would have approved.  Enough said.
Review Date: January 3 2008