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  Yellow Bentines by Yellow Bentines

Yellow Bentines cover art

Artist: Yellow Bentines
Title: Yellow Bentines
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

There's always a place in the Bluesbunny's heart for some perfect pop music. Glasgow's Yellow Bentines provide us with a fine selection of songs to satisfy our appetite with their self titled album.

A jolly little album, whilst always welcome, would not necessarily impress us. However, properly constructed songs that twist, turn and grab our attention will. There are plenty of those to enjoy here. Opening with the ska flavoured "Down and Up", the tone is set for an upbeat 10 tracks. Like all self respecting albums, there is even a song about a girl (called "Francesca"). A delightfully dark tale of a relationship that has hit the end of the tracks, its bouncy rhythm proves to be the perfect counterpoint. "Freelance Hippy Girl" is, in contrast, a delicate and melancholy song driven by some affecting trumpet playing. "Pay Cheque" worked best for us with its dramatic, sweeping introduction, laconic vocals and the kind of lyrics that would make Ray Davies proud. Ending on "Hope" we get a commentary on the dysfunctional nature of modern life.

The interplay between piano and trumpet gives the Yellow Bentines their unique sonic identity but it is the song writing that makes them special. It is harder than you might think to write a commercial pop song and keep it fresh and interesting. Martin Hay's pen is certainly coming up with the goods in that department. In fact, we would go as far as comparing him with the gods of the intelligent pop song, Chris Difford and Glen Tilbrook. Even better than that, you can even download the album for free from their website. Deal of the week, without a doubt!
Review Date: September 23 2007