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  Woodenbox by Woodenbox

Woodenbox cover art

Artist: Woodenbox
Title: Woodenbox
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2007

Bluesbunny Girl here - yes what a lovely treat and nice surprise for my dear readers as you usually only hear from me at live reviews. However, the boy Bluesbunnies have decided to head off to a gig at Morecambe leaving me holding the CDs. Apart from listening to live music, you can guarantee that those boys will get involved in heavy drinking and seeing how many pairs of silver high heels they can spot.

Woodenbox (actually a sweet boy called Ali Downer with some friends) hail from Scotland however it is not until the track called "We're going up" and then again in "Oban" (surprise surprise) that I detect a celtic mood in the music.  Oh, and that dry, Scottish sense of humour is evident in the 'Instructions' given on the CD cover. When I start listening to this CD I actually found myself reminded of the type of music that is played when some angst ridden teenager from a US TV programme has to deal with a 'crisis'. You know Joey from Dawson's Creek or Ryan from The OC sweating over their unrequited love for some other character. It just doesn't seem like either an independent release nor indeed do most of the tracks sound particularly Scottish.

Anyway, I need to pick a favourite track or two. The opening track "Tomorrow's Man" and "Healing" -  I would put them amongst my faves - are quite commercial sounding tracks on this album and a Bluesbunny Girl has no issue with this. This is a lovely collection that has a slight sixties' feel to it in some parts (again not a bad thing). All in all, this was a very gentle and surprisingly enjoyable CD that was easy going on my tiny little ears (girly bunnies have small ears and not big floppy ones like the beer drinking boy bunnies). My instruction to you therefore is, persevere with this CD, listen to it a couple of times, and like a good relationship, it will mature and get better and better.
Review Date: October 26 2007