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  When It's Over by Conor Mason

When It's Over cover art

Artist: Conor Mason
Title: When It's Over
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

You know how it is - or at least you will if you are a true music lover - when you hear an interesting live act and are suitably impressed. The symptoms are always the same. Get home, get on the Internet and get out the credit card as there is (or hopefully are) CDs to be bought. This was the case after recent exposure to the live talents of Derry's - now Glasgow based - Conor Mason.

The songs fall into a similar vein but that turns out to be part of their appeal. Quality is so consistent that you can drop into the album anywhere and find something to like. "Long Time Gone" has that neat, super smooth countrified Eagles sound. "Luck" had a sweet quirkiness that bares favourable comparison to the music of Glasgow's soon to be legendary Metro-gnomes. The album's killer track, however, is the laidback and cool but at the same time almost funky "Falling out of Touch". It is truly a song so good that it should be on vinyl and "Before You Return" sits especially well next to it. You are probably getting the picture now. Conor Mason is giving us a quality collection of slightly offbeat but very commercial songs that cunningly worm their way into your affections.

In summary, quietly compelling is the phrase we are looking for to describe this album. The songs hook you and reel you in without making any kind of disturbance. Indeed, Conor Mason's music might, on first exposure, not actually make much of an impression on your psyche but it is more than a bit classy. No fuss, no bother but plenty of talent on show once you take a serious listen. More variety would have been welcome but he does what he does well so the album is certainly worth tracking down. Available at <a href=""></a>
Review Date: October 24 2007